Taxes Are Better

I don’t know where the tipping point is. In the short-term, The 1% will come to own and control 50% of all the wealth on the planet.

Report from Raw Story,
nice coverage on NPR too.

So where is it? We’re hearing the rumblings at the edges of camp, out there among some of our internal others, and way out there in the sickest of responses to the inheritances of imperialism. We wring our un-callused hands over the middle class.

The way I see it, we have two choices. They’re not ideological. They’re just the more/less necessary consequences of making so much life so impossible for so many billions of people.

Taxes           or           Revolution

For those Tories and Republicans and neo-liberal free-market dreamers, a gentle head’s up:

Taxes are the orderly and beneficial alternative to the chaos and harm of revolution.

Ok, taxes and wage increases and living wages that keep pace with the cost of living, inflation, delicious and necessary things that should be luxuries like this laptop and internet access.

Actual Job Creation of
something more meaningful
than a bunch of McJobs
wouldn’t be a bad addition to the mix.

But eventually, the alternative to this one chance you have to bring these changes via policy and civil-social-market mechanisms, will be the chaos of revolution.

Heck, you might begin by just not reducing good and respected careers — like teaching at a university, or representing low-income citizens in court — to McJobs.

We can find all y’all big-ass houses on Google Earth. 

Hope you find your way to bright and practical choice.

What say you, then, Traveller?

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