Send Love to Our Advocates in Gallery for the ERA TODAY

Send love. People are busting their butts for Equality. ERA vote Today in VA!!

Virginia ERA Network

Today, the full Senate votes on SJ216, ratification, and will hopefully pass it over the House of Delegates with a firm ERA YES vote.
I ask you for something
easy today.
#DemandERA     #VAyesERA     #ShoutOut4ERA     #Thx4UrWork4ERA
Spread these hashtags in Facebook and Twitter.
These women and men have been there day in and day out
lobbying and advocating for Equality.
They are for real, no kidding, badasses for Justice and Progress.
Send your love and support,
*** your encouragement and gratitude ***
to these marvelous activists!!!
Women Matter
Progress VA
Virginia NOW
People Demanding Action
AAUW of Virginia
Virginia Latina Advocacy Network
Virginia League of Women Voters

No, these aren’t the only members of our coalition. But these folks are particularly working on the ERA with us.

* * * 

If you…

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