Save the Date! 2015 Young Feminists Conference April 10-12

Virginia NOW Online

Registration Opens Soon!

Watch This Space!

Virginia NOW is excited to invite you to our first annual Young Feminists Conference. This weekend will be a chance for all Virginia’s feminist generations to meet, build or deepened friendships and alliances, and educate each other. Virginia NOW knows from its own long history that feminists of each generation bring vital knowledge, strategies, and energy to the movement. We are still working for equality and inclusiveness with outstanding business like Equal Pay, Family-friendly Workplaces, Reproductive Justice, and the Equal Rights Amendment. And, we are confronted by a bright new century of great promise and challenge.


To make this century the century in which we get it right, we must increase the inclusion of the beloved community, deepen the intersectionality of our feminism to include more political, social, cultural, and environmental work. Feminism is the belief that women are human beings, but for us…

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