Someone’s Not Happy

… with the topics of VA NOW’s Young Feminists Conference. Here’s today’s exchange prompted by publication of our Speaker Lineup.

Constant Contact response:

You people are so far out I can’t even comprehend it. I am all for feminism and have been since it hit circa 1969, but your organization has devolved into something unrecognizable. Do you have to be a far left loony one-worlder to be a feminist now? As a conservative libertarian, I believe in the right of everyone to have equal rights under the law and the right to pursue happiness as long as it doesn’t harm others or have a major negative impact on society. I vote Republican and support gay people’s right to marry and legal abortion. This crap about Republicans hating women and being homophobic and racist is over the top. Some people have heart-felt differences of opinion on abortion and gay marriage. How about not demonizing them and having some tolerance for their opinions. Also, the ridiculous crap about “white privilege” just needs to go away. Why can’t you support women and stop regurgitating Democrat lies they’ve dreamed up to harm their political opponents. If you and NARAL would spend less money on political campaigning and more money on directly helping women, you may actually gain monetary support from people like me.

My reply:

NOW has existed for nearly 45 years, and it will, as it always has, grow and evolve to meet the demands of each new social and political era. That’s what this conference does. You, sir, even as a member, have no right to tell us how to spend our time or our treasure. Attendance at the conference is not compulsory.
We do, still, spend a great deal of time actually helping actual women, but NOW was never been and is not now a service organization. It has always been an organizing and advocacy organization. Check the mission statement.
If you want to give your money to service organizations and shelters, we heartily invite you to do so!! Every bit of support women get in all areas of need is wonderful, and we’re grateful to you for it. I suggest you visit our website and check the groups and agencies listed under Support. Most of the them would be happy to have your help.
Opinions are one thing, but passing laws that restrict the actual freedoms of women, people of color, and LBGTQIA people seems to be the particular specialty of elected Republican legislators who make laws that endanger our lives and livelihoods. When they back off, we will.
The genius of the liberal and libertarian positions is that they seek the greatest freedom for the greatest number. This was once the goal of the GOP, but that has changed for the foreseeable future.
I do, seriously, understand how hard it is to be part of a group that gets dumped on by others on a huge, public scale, and it’s hard to deal with. But, you can change your party affiliation, and I cannot change my sex. You have an option I do not, in these cases.
In future, sir, I suggest you adopt a more courteous and congenial tone when you have differences of opinion. It will get you much further down the road. If you respond with any future harangues to our newsletters, we will remove you from our contacts list.

Because, really, if you’re going to vote against my interests, Joe, why the fuck should I take your advice on how to run my organization? Hmmm? And, dude, 1969? Are you even kidding with that shit?

What say you, then, Traveller?

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