#NaPoWriMO: Tapioca, or Welcome Spring!

Ginger-lemon tapioca bounces in the mouth
like sunny Easter Sunday hours all full
of daffodils and laughter.

I am suspicious of people who don’t like bubble tea,
especially if they don’t like Indian chai with tapioca bubbles.
Fixes thirst, hunger, and boredom all in one go.

Forget it, drop in some Hershey’s chocolate milk powder,
and in ten minutes you are the best babysitter in all of Time.

Pie. C’mon now. All the pie.

Blueberry apricot pie, gooed
together with the industrial ugami spirimagicked
from cassava roots, and cassava root sounds like a dance
we could do all syncopate and way down in the hips.

Tapioca even sounds like what it is:
bubble wrap for your tongue.

Once the mint comes back, I’ll mash
a handful with honey in milky boil
and see what happens.


[(c) 2015 MFSR/PoMoRed]

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