Normal Here

We eat a lot of Round-UP. We don’t see much of the fighting in Kobane, Iraq, Syria — neither the fighters. 21 US military veterans kill themselves every day. 10trans women, most of color, have been killed this month.

I saw a picture of a dead child — car bomb — the other day and was stunned twice. Once at the tiny crumple of that life, and once that I haven’t seen more such pictures.

A video making its way around shows 4 1/2 minutes of police losing it and beating the hell out of people who seem mostly confused and afraid.

20%  of American women have been sexually assaulted. The 2 deadliest factors in an American woman’s life are the man she partners with and the car she drives, in that order. It seems raping the night-shift cleaning woman is a thing.

A few years ago, banking magicians disappeared a generation’s wealth.

Nearly all my friends of color have posted this : #IfIDieInJailIDidNotCommitSuicide. 649 people have been Killed By Police so far this year.

More than 4 American children die from child abuse and neglect every day. Most  are below the age of 3. They come from all backgrounds.

Everything’s normal here, the rule, the way, not the exception. We trick ourselves. We respond with the rhetoric of surprise, but these are not surprises. This is as normal as a lunch break, or wishing you could feed your children.

NASA tells me we found an Earth-like planet 1400 light years away. I wonder, what’s normal there on Other Earth?

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