Split This Rock Nominations for Best of the Net!

Nominations! Poems! From Split This Rock!

I know it’s like all I post right now is Split This Rock stuff. Deal. It’s all so good!  [Promise though, I am working on an essay about the need or not for a the old works, for which am re-reading Paradise Lost, so hang on, homework first!!]

Meanwhile, yes, Best of the Net is an award from Sundress Publications many of Split This Rock‘s family of socially conscious poets totally deserve, but we can only nominate the poems we scoop. So, here, get your gaze on this list!!


~ “Elegy,” by Rachel Eliza Griffiths
~”Paddling the Nickel Tailings Near Sudbury,” by Aaron Kreuter
~”not an elegy for Mike Brown,” by Danez Smith
~”A Small Needful Fact,” by Ross Gay
~”Set the Garden on Fire,” by Chen Chen
~”Of Late, I Have Been Thinking About Despair,” by TJ Jarrett

Visit these poems at The Quarry: A Social Justice Poetry Database at our website and peep the excellence.

What say you, then, Traveller?

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