Allies, SURJ-Va Offers Action Advice

As you can imagine, there is a flurry of activity happening right now in response to the white supremacist shooting of 5 Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis last night. SURJ has been called in to mobilize white people in this moment. In the last two weeks, we have seen an uptick in white supremacist organizing against Muslims and the movement for black lives. It is crucial that white folks step up and take visible action.

Since Thanksgiving is this week, I know many of you are traveling. If you are staying nearby, and you’re available Friday, please let me know ASAP. We are hoping to form a couple of small groups that can be visible in our community that day.

National SURJ has put together a list of things you can do, wherever you are, in response to the shootings. Please take visible action this week! It’s time to show up!

SURJ Actions in response to MN shootings

This list is evolving…more resources may be coming.

  1. Sign and widely share the SURJ petition

  2. Donate and share the link to the MN bail fund to support the on-the-ground organizing. MN Bail Fund.

    1. Ask your family members to donate to the bail fund at Thanksgiving!

  3. Change your Facebook profile picture to break white silence. You can find your new profile image here.

  4. Go out and recruit new white folks. Many of white folks who have never been engaged in racial justice work have been woken up this week. We want to go find them and invite them into our work!

    1. Identify a public location in your community (coffee shops, libraries). Pick a time and location  

    2. Review the scripts provided below

    3. Gather clip-boards and pens.

    4. Pick a time and go have conversations and sign folks up  

  5. Use the SURJ Placemat to prompt discussion at the Thanksgiving table, and/or ask family members to contribute to the bail fund.

Sample script for canvassing/ talking to folks in public

  • Hi I’m __________ from Showing Up for Racial Justice and wanted to talk to you today about what’s happening with racial justice in our country and just how heartbreaking it is.

    • What do you think about what’s happening?

    • Did you hear about the shootings in MN?

    • What do you think we could do about it?

  • I’m part of SURJ, a local group that’s working to bring more white people into racial justice work and break white silence. Can I take your contact information to keep you in the loop on our work?

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