Subject Positions

My current gigs are all described over at LinkedIn. It’s still a PoMo world and I’m still its red-headed step-child: more Romantic than I should be, more committed than I should be, and way more PoMo than is polite.

Will be editing video (in a real basic way) and archiving documents and photos for a while for the Virginia Foremothers Project, a project of Virginia NOW.

I used to run blogs and social media, and do loads of content development for Virginia NOW and its Virginia ERA Network

See Academic Stuff

M. F. Simone Roberts is a poet, an independent scholar of experimental poetics and feminist philosophy. With Alison Scott-Baumann, she is co-editor of the anthology Iris Murdoch and the Moral Imagination: Essays, and is author of the monograph A Poetics of Being-Two: Irigaray’s Ethics and Post-Symbolist Poetics which is about how poetry can save your soul and the world.

My current scholarly research is focused on questions concerning cultural identity and appropriation, Indian philosophy, and Irigaray’s late “mystical” works — bent on a new world.

Puns are gratis on this blog.


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